Usage Policy

Last Updated: October 15th, 2015

Fair Use & Equal Share Policy

Hivish customers now have access to unlimited disk space, bandwidth and data transfer. Essentially then, you can use whatever disk space and bandwidth is necessary for your web hosting needs.

What is acceptable and appropriate usage?
Hivish web hosting is continually investing in technology and support features. Our web hosting solution has specifically been designed to serve the web hosting needs of small and independently owned and operated businesses and organizations throughout the world. Since you will be hosting your website with hundreds of others on our servers in a virtual community, our offerings are really not intended to support enterprise level or large company requirements. For that, we recommend purchasing at least a virtual private server or dedicated server solution.

Hivish web hosting is a shared web hosting service, which ultimately means a number of customers' websites are hosted within the same server environment. To ensure that our hosting is first-class, reliable, and available to all customers within that server community, an individual customer's website usage cannot adversely affect the performance of other customers' sites. We monitor our servers 24/7/365 and in no way can one customer adversely affect the performance of that server. If this happens, we will take preventative measures to ensure that the entire community is protected.

Lastly, our web hosting service is intended to host websites, not backup or storage facility for users' data. Using your web hosting account primarily as an online storage space for archiving electronic files and images is strictly prohibited. Our servers are for web hosting usage only. If you use your hosting space for Backups or FTP data storage we will delete the files/folders without prior notice as this is strictly prohibited. This includes using the server as a cloud storage service or platform. This is strictly prohibited.

What is unlimited?

  • Unlimited disk space:
    Create a website as large as you like, hundreds or thousands of web pages; you will not be penalized for exceeding any upper or ceiling limit. However, please realize that there are many other users on your server and growing a website very large too fast will impede the performance of that server, as using too many server resources will negatively impact other customers on that server. We will place some constraints on how fast you can grow that website and monitor the server resources closely. The vast majority of our customers' sites grow at rates well within our rules, however, and will not be impacted.

  • Video & Media disk space:
    For customers hosting video content we allow a maximum video storage allocation of 50GB on our shared hosting plans. This limit is in place only on our shared servers to ensure equal share of the servers disk space. You can host unlimited websites however the disk space for videos should not exceed 50GB. We monitor disk usage and will contact customers if they hit this limit to offer alternative hosting solutions. This same limitation applies to customers storing Cloud data.

  • Unlimited bandwidth and data transfer:
    This rule only comes into play when you use excess server processing power that negatively impacts the performance of the server and provides a bad customer experience in that server community. Minimizing the impact on an individual server's processing power is key to the overall performance that server. In the vast majority of cases, if you use the web hosting service appropriately, visitors to your website will be able to view, download, and add as much content from your site as they wish. However, in certain circumstances, our server processing power, server memory, or anti-abuse controls could limit downloads or access from your site. Violators to the above rule will not be tolerated. You can upload all the content that you require each month subject to the rules as outlined above.

  • Unlimited Email:
    You can create an unlimited number of email addresses. Your total email account size cannot exceed 50GB on our shared hosting plans. This is a combines total for ALL email addresses inside your cPanel hosting account. On our VPS and dedicated servers there are no restrictions as your limitations would be based on the plan you choose.

  • MySQL Governor:
    Our shared hosting servers use CloudLinux technology which allows us to govern each clients MySQL read/write time and the number of MySQL processes so that one user cannot abuse the database server and monopolize resources. The governor tracks each queries read and write values as well as the number of MySQL processes. The governor has 4 levels of restrictions. When your account hits the limit you will be placed on a Level 1 restriction for 5min. Your account will restricted from MySQL for that time period and once the 5min have elapsed the governor will un-restrict access. If you hit the limit again you will be placed on Level 2 which is a 15min block. Level 3 is one hour and lastly level 4 is 4 hours. During these blocks your account will be restricted from connecting to the MySQL database server. Our default values for the governor are set very high so it is rare that you will get blocked however this is in place so that every client has fair usage of the database server.

    The monitoring is done via resource usage statistics per each MySQL thread.

     MySQL Governor allows to restrict customers who use excessive resources. It uses the following limits:



    CPU speed relative to one core. 150% would mean one and a half cores.



    Bytes read. Cached reads are not counted, only those that were actually read from disk will be counted.



    Bytes written. Cached writes are not counted, only once data is written to disk, it is counted.

    If you continuously hit the limitations you will need to optimize your databases. Simple things like cleaning your database of spam posts or comments on a blog can help reduce your load. You can contact our support team for tips to reduce your usage and stay within the limits.

For more specific terms of service, we ask that you refer to the acceptable use section of our Terms and Conditions.